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Estd. 15th September 1998.

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Where a date is shown this is when the section was last updated - in some cases ages ago!!!

Derby Locomotive Works.

Pay a visit to BREL Derby during the 1980s and today. (15/02/2006)

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The Thrash Page. Locomotive sound effects to listen to (page under reconstruction) (23/05/20).

On the Radio - Overview of over 10 years on the wireless!

25303 + 25323 at Aberystwyth

The Clag Pages. Views of Diesel locomotive smoke screens!! (8/9/00)

24054 + 25059 leaving Keighley during the 1998 Gala at the K&WVR

My Mate David's Class 24 Archive. 1970s views of the Class 24 in decline.

25219                                                                  25314

The Class 25 Pages. Lots of views of these honest little Sulzers, at work between Shrewsbury and Aberystwyth, rescuing failed trains and more! (30/03/02)

Scottish Class 25s. Until 1982 a number of Class 25s were very elusive as they were allocated to the Scottish Region. This section provides views of most of those examples. (08/10/02)

40 years of the 25s and 27s - A look at Sulzer Type 2 action during 2001; pictures and sounds. (16-10-01)

Class 25s, 26s 27s - Re-scanned views and a few new added (13/2/08)

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One At Each End. A comprehensive account of the Glasgow - Edinburgh push - pull services which employed Class 27 locomotives. (27/12/98)


Scottish Sulzer Type 2s. Dubbed 'McRats' here are some views of Classes 26 and 27 at work. (8/9/00)

Sulzer Type 2s in the year 2000. A picture and sound report of the 1970s Scottish Day held at the East Lancashire Railway on 2nd July 2000. Also other views of Sulzer Type 2 action during 2000 (02/01/01)


Steam Heat. A few views of various diesel locomotives with the top form of train heating in operation! (6/12/98.)

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33025 at Crewe

Class 33. Views of 'Cromptons' in action during the 1980s. (12/10/02)

Class 44. Views of all ten members of this class, the forerunners of Classes 45 and 46. (24/11/98).

45076 at Bristol Temple Meads

The Peaks Take a look at Classes 45/0 & 46.

Class 45/1 - All 50 examples of the sub-class (29/10/00)

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46009, The Old Dalby Test. Pictures of 46009 on that infamous run in 1984.


Blue is the colour. A look at a few class 47s in blue livery. (30/1/99)

                           47 444 at Crewe                                                                                                                         47 630 at Newcastle  

Large Logo revisited. With 47847 appearing in Large Logo livery during 2001 we take a look back when this livery ruled the rails. (07/03/02)


The Czech Republic - Views and sound clips from visits to this fascinating country (17/7/2006)

Diesel Hydraulic section. Views of a few 'Westerns' at work. (28/07/00)

55010 and 55007 at York

The Deltic Section. All 22 production Deltics seen in service between 1977 and 1980 (10/4/00)


British Rail Units. Some 1980s views of diesel and electric units  (13/10/02)

Electric Blue. Views of British Rail Classes 81 - 87 in BR blue (of course!) (7/2/99)

Folkestone Harbour - first in a very occasional series featuring once busy locations now seeing irregular use. (22/10/2007)

News features - views from more recent times including locos returning to traffic or their old haunts after a long absence. (25/9/05)

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My Bristol Bus Pages Views of Bristol built passenger vehicles in service and in preservation. (15/2/99)

Derby Bus Pages Views of vehicles in Derby including a section on all over adverts (07/11/2008)

Blue Apple - A curious name for a bus operation - take a look!! (Broken Link Rectified 06/03/2014)

Trent Buses in the 1990s - a look at vehicles before the image conscious era took hold (15/05/13)

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