In May 1908 the Bristol Tramways & Carriage Company placed the first motor vehicle constructed in their own workshops into service. This came about as it had been found that vehicles of other manufacture did not perform satisfactorily in Bristol, a city not renowned for being terribly flat!

In 1913 a new motor constructional works had been established at the legendary site, Bath Road, Brislington. For the next 70 years vehicles of a robust, economical and reliable design were produced.

Initially vehicles were fitted with petrol engines. The first diesel engine was fitted to a 'J' type chassis in 1933 and was of Gardner manufacture. The stage had been set for a worldbeating combination - Bristol/Gardner. As time went by other engine makes were supplied

From 1947 sales of Brislington's finest was restricted to nationalised concerns which meant that a lot of other operators missed out on Bristol's revolutionary designs. These restrictions were lifted in 1965 owing to the British Government swapping some shares with Leyland, this would ultimately lead to the demise of Bristol.

The vast majority of Bristol chassis were bodied by Eastern Coachworks at Lowestoft, with the lifting of sales restrictions other makes of body began to appear on VRs and REs just as other makes were fitted to pre 1947 chassis.

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