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For want of a better title (!) this section deals with events on the relatively present day railway such as any good railtours, locos returning to use or to their old stamping ground after a long absence and anything else which doesn't fit the BR theme of the rest of the site!

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D1015 Fishguard Harbour 24/9/2005                                                                                                                  D1015 London Paddington 24/9/2005

Views of D1015 on 'The Pembroke Coast Express' tour on Saturday 24th September 2005 (25/9/2005)

47145 Sheffield 17/8/05                                                                                                                47145 Kettering 23/8/05

Views of 47145 on Inspection Saloon duties during August 2005 (23/8/2005)

47709 at Dundee July 2005                                                                                                                 47712 at Edinburgh July 2005

Welcome Home! - In July 2005 loco hauled services were operated on the Edinburgh - Dundee route to provide additional capacity during The Open at St. Andrews. 47703, 709 and 712 returned to their old stamping ground for the 3 day operation along with 47832. Lots of views taken over the three days (24/8/2005)


  37701 + 698 at Pitlochry                                                                                                                86627 + 86612 at Carlisle

Tour Review - Pictures, facts and figures on the 'Grampian Gyrator' railtour from Stafford to Inverness on 18th & 19th July 2003 (23/07/03)


News Feature - 47355 became the first of the sub-class to work a train for many years on Saturday 23rd November 2002 (24/11/2002)

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