Here are more 24 views from Dave's collection starting with Reddish depot. 24021 leads a lineup containing 24005, 24022, 24024 on 29th December 1975. The locomotives had been withdrawn from traffic and were awaiting transfer to the workshops for scrapping, 24022 went to Doncaster the rest to Swindon.

Doncaster works in July 1976 sees 24071 during stripping. The sheet of paper on the side of the locomotive would have listed items to be removed and kept for re-use.

As class 24 came nearer to extinction on British Rail a number of special trains were organised to bid farewell to the type. One stamping ground was the Cambrian line, not to Aberystwyth but Pwllehi. The two lines split at Dovey Junction. A suitably decorated 24082 leads 24133 away from Barmouth on 6th June 1977.

The last fully operational member of the class to be withdrawn was 24081 in October 1980. A small number had survived based at Crewe Depot. (24061 survived in Research Department use until 1987). 24081 survived as it went to Southport for display at a museum open day. The locomotive never moved for BR again and was secured for preservation. It has seen a recent chequered period as the subject of legal wrangling. However the locomotive has recently been active at the private Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway where it is seen in this view (and the only one taken by me!). Interestingly it has not received a full repaint and displays its as withdrawn condition remarkably well.

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