46009 Test Crash 17th July 1984.

Photos Courtesy of M Jarrett.

Above is Class 46 No. 46009 hurtling to the end of it's career. The locomotive was used to test the safety of a nuclear flask which had been placed across the track further along the line.

Above is a view of the result of the collision, whilst below we take a closer look at things.

It is said in certain quarters that the Sulzer diesel engine flew out of 46009 upon impact. This view, taken by yours truly by the way! (below) shows Class 45 No. 45073 during cutting up at BREL Derby Locomotive Works, viewed from the No.2 end, which was leading on 46009. The section from the front to the engine room bulkhead has gone. Study the view of the 46 above and by comparison there would perhaps be rather more damage had the 46's engine been thrown out.

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