Even These Are Historic !!

(A 1980s unit view)

For many years a familiar sight (and sound) in and around Derby was the Swindon built Class 120 DMUs. Towards the end of their service the centre car was replaced with a Class 101 vehicle due to asbestos content in the 120s. Ironically it is only one of these centre cars which survives today. Etches Park set 510 (53713 leading 59524, 53667) pass Chevin Golf Course (Duffield) with a Matlock - Derby service on 26th June 1983. At this time Class 120 sets were also based at Chester and Cardiff.

Two Class 120 sets at Derby on 6th January 1986 the first of which retains the original centre car. From front to back the numbers are 53667 (again!), 59258, 53717, 53679, 59104, 53671

Another Swindon product was the Class 126 'Inter-City' units which saw out their days on the Scottish Region. In this 1981 view Sc50936 leads Sc 59412 and others away from Glasgow Central.

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