A cold view at Derby of 47468 on a northbound service on 20th January 1979.

Photo courtesy of David Hills

Large Logo livery was adopted by British Rail and is displayed by 47641 "Colosuss" at Kirkcaldy on 24th September 1986. Formerly 47086 the locomotive had just been converted to class 47/6 and allocated to the Scottish Region for the first time in its life. The following month (13th October) the locomotive was named Fife Region. it has since been renumbered 47767 and transferred south again.

Twelve class 47s (initially) were modified to enable push and pull working (driveable from either the locomotive or a driving trailer at the other end of the train). These replaced class 27s on the Edinburgh - Glasgow services. 47495 became 47704 in which guise it is seen on the rear of an Edinburgh - Glasgow service leaving Haymarket. The "shoves" were the only 47s allowed to run at 100mph hence the additional headlight. These days headlights are fitted as standard to locomotives.

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