47630 stands at Newcastle with the 09:40 from Poole (1E63) of 27th March 1986. the locomotive had worked the train from Birmingham having reached there with the Newcastle - Poole service. The previous night saw 630 working the 20:20 Aberdeen - London King's Cross "Nightrider" (1E43) from Aberdeen - Newcastle. The locomotive was renumbered to 47764.

With plans to repaint 47840 into BR blue livery we conclude this section with a couple of examples. 47621'Royal County of Berkshire' awaits the 'off' with the 13:20 Newcastle - Plymouth as 45114 approaches with the 09:33 Penzance - Newcastle on 8th July 1986. 621 is better known as the rather vocal 47839.

Before GNER were even thought of London King's Cross is host to (front - back) 47527, 47563 and 47410 on 27th March 1986.

Blue Is The Colour, more 47s in BR blue this way!

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