Leyland Atlantean.

The final pair of batches served into the 1990s including the unique 571. This had been damaged in the 1976 fire at Derby Meadow Road and was sent to Willowbrook for re-bodying. 573 and the original 577 were not so fortunate being written off in the blaze.

571 is seen at Derby meadow Road 22nd May 1990.

571 keeps company with 543 at Hatton depot 26th June 1995. By this time 571 had received a repaint and was allocated to Hatton to work two school journeys per day. The lack of power steering made this quite an unpopular vehicle!

572 between turns at Derby Meadow Road. 25th June 1990.

Like Nottingham Victoria Railway Station everyone thought Victoria Bus Station would last forever. 574 presents an unusual sight having just worked in from Derby duplicating the 10:05 service 252 of 15th January 1991. With 4 speed gearboxes the 1976 batch had a good turn of speed the usual maximum being 60 mph not to mention the howling fan at the rear!

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