Continuing our look at Peaks in action, the following fine views appear by courtesy of Mr A Marsden.

First of all 45010 (below) complete with the power handle RIGHT back accelerates the 0922 Leeds - Penzance (1V81) away from Burton-on-Trent on 20/7/84. Bet the Air-cons were a bit on the warm side!

A delightful study of 45014 "The Cheshire Regiment" (below) approaching Taunton with the 1128 Paington - Manchester Piccadilly (1M22) of 18/8/84. This was the last Class 45 to be built, originally numbered D137 it was withdrawn on 10/3/86 and cut up on site at Ashburys in August of that year.

A nocturnal portrait of 45019 at Cardiff on 29/10/84 (below). The locomotive has worked the 3B08 vans from Bristol. The locomotive was withdrawn less than a year later on 11/10/85 and was cut up in Glasgow in January 1989.

For some summer workings went the policy of "Anything will do" usually applied. Below is 45065, rather stained from it's week on freight duties, at Paington in 1984 with a working to Manchester (we think!). Withdrawn the following year (5/3/85) 45065 was cut up in Vic Berry's at Leicester in July 1988.

Finally for this page is 46011 at Cardiff (above), on 10/10/84, the locomotive had very little time to serve and was withdrawn with the remaining surviving 46s on 25/11/84 being cut up at Swindon Works in January 1986. Interestingly 46011 was the last of the class to receive a classified overhaul at Derby Works, outshopped on 13/12/80. The Sulzer engine number VA324 was fitted.

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