25 265

Occasionally the East Midlands Railway Photographic Society organise a photgraphy charter at the Great Central Railway. Basically the whole railway is hired for a day and the train involved performs numerous runs by the assembled tripods, step ladders and participants.

Travel to each location is on the train where everyone alights. Whilst the cameras are set up the train reverses and then runs past. With grateful thanks to Mark Fowler (who owns 25279) attendance was possible for the charter of Friday 11th May 2001.

This consisted of 25265 hauling an engineering train in the morning and mineral wagons in the afternoon.

After a hearty breakfast in the buffet at Loughborough we were given a briefing before a short walk along the track for the first shots of the day. For my own part the idea was to obtain sound recordings, the first being a lineside affair - After all it was pointed out where can one hear that once everyday sound of a 25 passing on full power with a freight train in tow?

25265 leaves Loughborough with the engineering train, an impressive sight; click here for the equally impressive sound (175kb)

Here is the 'guard's eye view' from the leading brake van

After lunch in the buffet the engineering train gave way to a pleasing rake of mineral wagons. The ensemble await departure, the 25 put in a sterling day's work on the charter running for some 9 hours.

A view from the rear cab of 25265.

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