Bristol K and L types.

The availability of diesel engines allowed Bristol to further develop their passenger vehicle chassis.

The first to be produced in great quantities were the L type for single deck bodywork and the K type for double deck bodywork.

Above is a view of a charming pair of L types, on the left is KNG 718 which is an LL5G keeping company with KNG 711 which is the shorter variant, L5G.

United Automobile Services owned and operated one of the biggest fleets of Bristols in the UK. A nicely restored example (below) is LHN 860, an L5G


Next a view of a rather famous KSW5G, VNO 857. This fine vehicle was used in the famous 'On The Buses' film along with a sequel to that, it was one of three vehicles actually driven by Reg Varney who played Stan Butler....................."Get that bus out!!"

Next a view of two out of the three surviving KS chassis. FRP 692 and LTA 813 were snapped at the Luton Transport Festival in June 1998. Note the difference in width compared to the view above.

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