71 - RTO 1R, 100 - LUG 480P

A pair of curious vehicles fitted with Alexander bodywork, 71 was a very rare performer on services within the City Boundary, it's chassis was designated B55/20 ; it's normal duties were between Derby and Burton on Trent. During one of it's rare appearances on local work 71 swings past 100 in The Cornmarket on 13th August 1987. The difference between the vehicle heights is quite apparent.

109 - SRC 109X

A not too brilliant view of 109 in the Sinfin district of Derby.

110 - SRC 110X

110 stands in Derby Bus Station on 19th February 1989

111 - SRC 111X

A one time craze in Derby was the application of all-over advertisements to the vehicles. 111 carries a 'Homebase' advert but retains fleet livery on the front so as to avoid any confusion on the part of intending passengers! The vehicle is seen on Victoria Street on 19th February 1989.

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