Here is a delightful Winter scene on St. Peter's Street. 212 (UCH 212G) and pedestrians alike do battle with the elements on 22nd February 1979. This area, once one of the main bus arteries in Derby is now a pedestrianised area.

Photo by David Hills.

230 (XCH 430G) of the final 'standard' batch is seen in the Market Place. The orange stripe above the cab windows indicates that the vehicle is fitted with 'Autofare' exact fare equipment. Much cursed by the passengers as they had to find the correct fare it can be said that this system certainly speeded things up as regards loading at bus stops, especially given the oil advert on 230!

The following year saw the introduction of dual doorway buses into the fleet with the arrival of 240 - 254 (CRC xxxJ) with rather more modern looking Roe bodywork. This layout proved to be very unpopular with the passengers who had difficulty in deciding which door to use! The vehicles spent most of their lives conductor operated. Because of their immense height they were nicknamed "Jumbos" by DCOD staff. Staying in the Market Place (which is now pedestrianised) 253 (CRC 253J) awaits departure on service 41 to Harvey Road. Interestingly this route has retained the same number to this day.

Courtesy Arnold Richardson/Photobus

Three "Jumbos" went to Warrington in 1978 in exchange for a pair of Leyland Leopard coaches needed to boost the Blue Bus operation. In 1985 a number were converted to single door layout and had a narrow door fitted to the offside. They were then exported to Canada for tour use around Niagra Falls. Having been abroad for a year the former 245 (CRC 245J) is seen at Victoria on Vancouver Island, 28-5-86.

Courtesy of John Goodale.

Among the next batch of Fleetlines were five single deck semi-coaches with bodywork by Willowbrook of Loughborough. These were 255 - 259 (OCH xxxL), 258 and 259 carried 'Blue Bus Services' fleetnames, the others the familiar 'Derby Corporation'. 255 is seen on display in the Market Place before entering service.

Courtesy Arnold Richardson/Photobus.

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