That Was Then And This is Now.

The vast majority of the Locomotive Works site has been flattened. The area  billed as one of Derby's top development sites has seen all manner of premises built. Interestingly when the road from the centre of Derby to Wyvern Park (the site of the once sprawling Chaddesden Sidings) was opened this was the very first time for over 150 years that the area was accessible by members of the public.

At the end of 2004 Bombardier closed their facility housed in what is left of 7 and 9 shops - the for sale boards are up and no doubt these buildings will go the same way as the rest of the Loco Works

 The views on this and the following page depict the site in early 1998 before new building had started in earnest along with some views almost seven years on - indeed it is becoming rather difficult to tell there was ever a railway works on the site at all.

The former No. 1 shop complex has survived and is seen from where the road dividing the 'bottom yard' used to run. In the backgound can be seen the flyover which carries the link road over the tracks north of Derby Station.

A view of the 1 shop complex including the historic Roundhouse. It is now impossible to recreate this view due to new buildings.

On the left of this view is the 9 and 7 shop complex, still in use by AdTranz. The low wall in the middle background is hwere 18 shop (Boiler shop) once stood. The building on the right is the former Generator shop which was demolished some two months after this view was taken. The gap between Generator shop and 9 and 7 shop was occupied by Bogie shop.

27th February 2005 generator shop is now long gone and on the left can still be seen 7 and 9 shops. The building in the middle is Midland Mainline's customer service training centre (or something like that) occupying part of the old bogie shop site. The link to the 1998 view above is the manhole cover in front of the plastic bollard!

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