Before The Bathrooms.

The decline and ultimate end of repairs to locomotives saw the works begin building bathroom modules for use in hotels - it was very interesting when the first one was sent out. The lorry upon which it was placed fit nicely under the low bridge on Deadmans Lane on the way to collect the module which was not quite the case when it set off having been loaded.

Rail links into the works were soon severed and the inspection pits in 8 shop were filled in so in effect the true beginning of the end.

Leading up to this one or two types of locomotive familiar to the works for many years paid their final visits.

25076 receives fairly extensive repairs after a side swipe - the date is 12th January 1983 and this loco would only run in service until August of that year. 27104 is visible behind.

This could easily be a scene from Glasgow Works rather than Derby. An improved scan showing what was at that time the dual identity of 25035 which acquired the cab from the recently withdrawn 25036 with 27104 and 27014 visible. This would be the final "cab off" repair to a Class 25. 2nd February 1983.

The penultimate "cab off" repair was to 25325 seen here on 22nd July 1982 with undercoat applied. Very unusual the loco did not make the trip round to the paint shop for this to be done. 43146 is beside still sporting its 253 series numbers and 25035 is behind. What may also be of interest is the device hanging above the blue sliding door on the right. These were shop heaters supplied by steam from the works power station or static locomotive steam generators. They had a large fan within to dispense heat.

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