45 006

45006 stands alongside 25181 in the test house area. Then based at Tinsley (Sheffield) who applied a 41A shed code between the marker light the locomotive had arrived for its final classified repair.

Stripping and internal cleaning is complete and 006 awaits a lift to a berth further along the shop.

The light repair was well underway by the time this view was taken. Note the radiator and cooling fan housing on the right towards the rear of 006 and in the bottom right hand corner is the boiler room roof with the boiler exhaust clearly visible. The box marked '8 shop 2 bay' contains 006s brake levers and other braking equipment.

Here is the locomotive in the paint shop with only the top coat of yellow to be applied to the nose ends. It is also just about possible to pick out the rather detailed paint job on the name plate.

A look at the paint detail 26th October 1983

45006 during 'yard proving' on 26th October 1986

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