Works Entrances.

There were four entrances to the works complex one via Siddals Road gate accessed by passing underneath railway overbridges just to the North of Derby station, another was a foot access via what was termed the 'Staff Footbridge' which crossed over the middle of the station and the goods lines. A set of steps descended to one point at ground level whilst another section headed off to an office block. The next entrance was off Hulland Street via a considerably larger structure which spanned the running lines at the South end of the station platforms. Finally access could be gained from Deadman's Lane. In later years delivery vehicles would use this entrance with the demise of goods arriving by rail in the 'Stores Train' - that said Deadman's Lane railway bridge had (and still has) a height restriction making it very difficult for the average heavy Goods Vehicle to pass under it.

The steps leading up to the Staff Footbridge from the station car park during the 1980s before the old station buildings were swept away.

The massive Hulland Street bridge viewed from outside 7 Shop 2 bay - the sheer size of the structure gives some idea as to the use it must have been put to in the Works heyday.

Looking back towards the works from the bridge the building with the three curved roofs was the 'Loco Stores' whilst the North end of 7 shop 2 bay can also be seen.

Another look at the Works end of the bridge as day shift staff make their way home

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