Accident Repairs.

As with all forms of transport mishaps do occur on the railways. Owing to the inherent safety of the system these are thankfully but a rare event. The following views illustrate what can happen when things go wrong.

25035 suffered a relatively minor mishap and received cab damage (see the views in other shops pages). 25036 was on Works for scrap and donated it's cab to 035. Here is the rather confusing result after the 'new' cab had been fitted.

Photo courtesy of David Hills.

Undoubtedly one of the worst ever collision repair jobs was to 46036. A large rubbish lorry was on a level crossing in Lydney, Gloucestershire when the locomotive appeared from around a blind curve. The lorry was pushed a considerable distance along the track. Tragically both traincrew lost their lives.

45 045 was hauling a coal train onto a long siding, being driven from the cab nearest to the wagons. It then struck a bridge. After a period of storage on the Works yard repairs were not sanctioned owing to the considerable costs involved. The major damage was to the large segmental bearings underneath the locomotive which were pushed back by about 6 inches. It is these bearings which locate in the top of the bogies. It is interesting to record that the "Coldstream Guardsman" nameplates were still in situ. In this view the locomotive is being stripped prior to scrapping.

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