45037 General Overhaul

Class 45 locomotives ran for up to four years between classified repairs. The sequence was usually a Light Repair, then four years later an Intermediate Repair, another four years later a General Repair. For cost reasons it was not unknown for two consecutive Light Repairs to be carried out. This would then see a Heavy General Overhaul at the next 'Shopping Date' (term for the due date a locomotive is required for overhaul or repair!).

In October 1982 45037 entered the works for its final overhaul. This was completed on time two months later. Interestingly the notional cost of a locomotive being out of service in the works was (then) 1000 per day.

Although 45037 is the main subject other views of different locomotives are included to give an idea of the various stages of a classified repair.

After arrival on site the locomotive is shunted from the "Klondyke" to the de-fuelling shed which was located at the south end of 8 shop. Once all fluids (apart from engine oil) have been removed the locomotive is dragged along the side of 8 shop and placed on the north end traverser. This then moves across outside the bays of the shop. After lining up with the required bay the locomotive is winched into the shop. Little time is wasted in disconnecting the bogies from the body prior to this being lifted and placed on suitable stands. The power unit and many other items are then disconnected and removed. This is followed by a thorough clean both inside and underneath. Above is 45049 receiving a well earned clean complete with protective skirting.

45037 is seen mid way through its general repair. A new radiator is visible through the large opening. The sheets of paper stuck on the bodyside are inspectors' "Snag Sheets", one for electrical and one for mechanical. These are jobs needing to be done which an inspector has found necessary. Notice the "No.8 Berth" board. The numbers were slotted in along with the category of repair. The letter 'D' can be made out before '45037'. Before the introduction of 5 figure numbering locomotives were numbered in the 'D' series (for diesel). 45037 was built at Derby in 1961 and numbered D46.

Comparative views showing the number two end of the locomotive. Above the cab window frame has yet to be repaired and no equipment has yet been fitted to the nose end. Below the cab window has been done, a compressor has been fitted along with the traction motor blower. On the extreme left can be seen a new bogie destined for a class 313 electric unit.

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