Another view of 513 shows how extensively the vehicle has been stripped of all re-usable parts and some of that corrosion around the rear wheel arch.

As well as main roads and dual carriageways there are some routes where one needs to breathe in just a little as displayed by 515 (FRA 515V) leaving Mugginton (it had stopped - honest!!) following a school journey which was being operated on behalf of a coach company.

No amount of maintenance can prevent a vehicle failure. Here a stricken 519 (FRA 519V) awaits assistance at Bramcote after the fuel pump drive plates gave up whilst working the 17:20 Nottingham Broadmarsh to Ilkeston service 21. This vehicle has been renumbered to 1519.

522 at the familiar location of the Safeway superstore at Gamston near Nottingham. At some stage the letters 'p' and 'l' have been carefully removed to give a "Blue Ape" fleet name!

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