Whilst the United Kingdom became bogged down in not much snow at all the Czech Republic was certainly a case of "business as usual". Looking a little lost in a good 4 inches or so is 749-134 on a curious diagram in lieu of electric traction along the 13.75 mile branch from Rybnik to Lipno vad Vltavou. The branch is being re electrified. This view features the 13:45 Ex Rybnik at its destination on Thursday 29th January 2004.

The town is a fair walk away so the nice warm waiting room is the setting for this view of 749-134 having run round its one coach in readiness for the 15:48 departure for Rybnik.

Earlier in the day 210-026 is seen at Ceske Budjovice with the 12:34 for Horni Dvoriste

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