Single Cab

There are many single cab locos operating on the Czech system with medium powered examples finding regular use dragging a set of DMU trailers around. Some of the Class 742 are equipped with door operating equipment so that they can haul trailers with automatic doors.

742-419 is seen on the rear of service R671 at Karlovy Vary dolni Nadrazi. 749.227 is on the other end of the train which will be banked by the 742 which had been 'borrowed' in lieu of the booked 749 which had been delayed on a freight working. Needless to say R671 departed on time!

Please do not adjust your sets!! In near darkness 743-002 is seen with some DMU trailers at Frydlant v Cechach. Although lacking in exhaust noise these curious devices have rheostatic brakes which produces an impressive racket as the train stops what with howling fans and traction motors!!

More than likely not an often photographed type, here is 704-002 at Liberec between station pilot turns.

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