55012 (D9012)


A sure sign of the loss of top link work for the class. 55012 has the rather mundane task of hauling 37194 to Doncaster Works on 11th April 1981. 'Crepello' was withdrawn the following month.

55013 (D9013)

The Black Watch

55013 'The Black Watch' at York with the 00:02 London King's Cross - Newcastle of 7th March 1981. The time is 04:03

55014 (D9014)

The Duke of Wellington's Regiment

00:57 hours on 11th April 1981 and 55014 'The Duke of Wellington's Regiment' is at York with the 20:25 Edinburgh - London King's Cross (1E35)

55015 (D9015)


55015 'Tulyar' at Grantham. The two coaches are 81493 and 3171. 25th May 1981.

From above, 55015 is seen having departed south with the characteristic plume of white smoke visible. The coaching stock numerals from the rear are 6603, 5642, 5658, 6602, 1691, 3186, 3171 and 81493.

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