25 322

The newest surviving Class 25 is based at the Churnet Valley Railway in Staffordshire.

This was the very last member of the class to work on the main line after a spell at Holbeck (Leeds) depot as an apprentice training locomotive where the two tone green livery was applied. This is one case where it cannot be argued that 322 never carried this livery in service as it did work a revenue earning passenger train on 24th February 1990 with 47422 coupled inside in case there was any trouble. The train was the 08:25 Leeds - Carlisle (1M09) upon which the little Sulzer performed faultlessly. Returning to the livery issue the locomotive entered traffic in 1967 as D7622 wearing BR blue livery (see the page on 25321).

Before the rather charmed life '322 appeared at a special event at Tamworth Station where the rather bizarre 'Tamworth Castle' name was applied thus making the loco the only Class 25 to be officially named. After this 322 became a member of the Class 25/9 sub-class (12 examples which were given major examinations) becoming 25912.

The locomotive still carries the very same green livery applied all those years ago which presents a somewhat battered appearance. That said it is in fine mechanical condition which, at the end of the day, is all that really counts.

The Churnet Valley held their Diesel day on Saturday 7th July 2001 during which '322 worked on just about every train. The 2 other main line locos (20154 and 33102) were also in evidence. Interestingly the Class 20 was dual braked many years ago and so was a rare performer on any of the trains from the East Midlands to Skegness!

In this slightly edited view 25322 trundles into Cheddleton.

Later in the afternoon the 25 was paired with the line's resident Class 20 (20154)

33102 was not particularly well during the day and missed some booked workings. By the final train of the day things had been sorted out. Here is the impressive trio after uncoupling from the final train of the day.

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