25 321

This locomotive is owned by the Derby Industrial Museum. Initial plans were to park the loco outside the museum premises on a form of plinth.

Quite a furore erupted over this rather strange plan and the Museum soon saw the logic of actually keeping the 25 in running order. After withdrawal 321 went to the Railway Technical Centre Engineering Development Unit for remedial work to be carried out before a repaint into two tone green livery (which 321 had never carried, it was delivered in BR blue livery), and a permanent '1E83' headcode was stuck to the headcode glass.

The loco then went to the Midland Railway Centre where it has been based ever since.

The main generator has recently been replaced (quite how one can blow one up at the MRC seems to be quite a mystery) and a repaint into BR blue has been carried out.

321 worked during the diesel gala and in the afternoon was paired with 44004. Unfortunately things are not entirely well with the 25 as it gave up on the last booked trip, nothing too serious it would seem - the usual oil or water switches having a party and telling Mr 6LDA28B to be quiet!

25321 paired with 44004 at Swanwick Junction. It was here that the 25 decided to call it a day.

Towards the end of its service days 25321 had quite a battered appearance. Here is the scene at Preston on 16th August 1986.

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