Different Body Types.

To many the standard VR has Eastern Coachworks bodywork. There were variations on the design, such as dual doorways and even convertible open top - the roof could be lifted off the vehicle during Summer and replaced during Winter. TPN 102S is one such example and is also a series 3 chassis, the final variant of the VRT. The location is Brighton.

Merseyside PTE took a batch of VRTs with East Lancs bodywork, not quite as aesthetically pleasing as the ECW product! GKA 90N is seen in Liverpool in use on a service competing with the former PTE.

Northern Counties bodied a batch of VRT for Cleveland Transit. RDC 111R is seen operating a shuttle service between Chester Railway Station and the City Centre long after its Cleveland days!

Alexander of Kirckaldy bodied numerous VRs, the version below is a VRTLL. Not many of these were sold as many operators preferred the shorter VRTSL version. OSR 196R started life North of the border, and is seen in use with Burnley & Pendle.

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