T3 (Ex 784) was modified for driver training with the addition of an an extra window and an instructor's seat following removal of a section of the staircase. It is seen here somewhere in Nottingham in September 1989 not long before someone typing this passed his PSV test on it.

By 7th December 1989 T3 had been treated to a repaint into driving school livery which quite suited it really. The vehicle is seen at Derby Meadow Road the trainee no doubt being instructed on the finer points of depot canteen use.

789 at Meadow Road 15th June 1990

790 Meadow Road 10th May 1990

The rather formidable 792 having been withdrawn for the umpteenth time at Meadow Road on 28th December 1989. With a very ropey four speed gearbox and a three spoked steering wheel this vehicle was to say the least a challenge to handle!!!! Following final withdrawal and being heavily stripped of components it was sold to a diving club in Peterborough and still resides in the bottom of a lake apparently.

More VRs to follow sometime!

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