120 - TCH 120X

120 is seen between trips in Derby Bus Station on a wintry 11th January 1987.

121 - TCH 121X

121 stands at the Corporation Street end of the Market Place on 14th June 1992. Behind the white boards is what went on to become the infamous 'Derby Hole' where at one time an Hotel was to be built.

122 - STV 122X

122 rounds the Cock Pitt island as it nears the end of a journey from Alvaston on 28th February 1986. Along with 123 (below) the vehicle spent time working in Merseyside. It was said that 122 and 123 were not permitted to carry any standing passengers due mainly to the considerable body weight.

123 - STV 123X

123 is seen in Derby Bus Station on 28th February 1986. For some unknown reason the upper deck seats were replaced with those removed from Fleetlines of the 260 - 271 batch which had Roe bodies.

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