Shortly after the arrival of 255 - 259 the next batch of 260 - 271 (OCH xxxL) also appeared. These were the last chassis designated CRG6LX to enter the fleet as well as the last buses delivered with 'Derby Corporation' fleetnames. Similar in appearance to the "Jumbos" these vehicles had slightly lower bodies (again by Roe) and a single doorway. 261 poses at the Boulton Lane Terminus of route 45 on 6/8/87. At this time the vehicle was one of only three survivors of this batch and had a 'rush hour only' restriction due to heavy steering (more like due to the fact that several Volvo products were now in the fleet!).

The first part of the 1976 batch consisted of 272 - 278 (NNN xxxP), again with Roe bodywork. By 1974 'Corpo' had become Derby Borough Transport. For a short while a huge 'Derby' fleetname was applied to vehicles. This was later changed to 'Derby Borough Transport' applied in a similar style to the 'Derby City Transport Ltd.' ('Limited' was added after deregulation) logo on 275 (NNN 275P) seen (above) in The Cornmarket, this area has also been pedestrianised.

The balance of the year's batch consisted of 279 - 288 (RCH xxxR). These were the very last batch of Daimler/Roe machines delivered, the end of an era. 285 (RCH 285R) is seen at the rather congested Irongate end of the Market Place.

Various experiments were carried out with vehicle liveries which included a poll on employees. The majority actually voted for the old and respected Green/Cream although this was for some unknown reason vetoed. Here 282 (RCH 282R) displays a variation of the Blue/Grey scheme (above). The vehicle is seen at Littleover, The Panther on 24/8/89 with the 12:45 departure for The Cornmarket.

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