After deregulation a wide variety of other vehicles and liveries began to appear in Derby. It was decided to modify the application of all over adverts where the fleet livery would be applied to the front of the vehicle to save even more passenger confusion. 136 displays this revision in The Cornmarket on 22nd November 1987. 120 is behind. Note again the imaginative use of the vehicle to convey the message.

147 in the Bus Station on 1st May 1988. Note the fleet name has been repositioned to accommodate the advert. Trent 706 is visible behind.

126 - 128 carried unibus adverts for British Telecom before appearing with a scheme for a furniture store as displayed by 127 in the Market Place on 26th February 1989. 143 is behind.

Another scheme carried by Ailsa 123 makes use of vehicle features as seen in the Bus Station on 19th February 1989.

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