25279 + 25325

28th July 1984.

25279 was quite a regular performer along the line during 1984, indeed it worked on four consecutive Saturdays from 14th July until 4th August paired with 287, 313, 325 and 268 respectively. On the other hand 25325 was very rare during 1984 working on only two other occasions after it's day out to the seaside

Thanks are due to Neil Evans who took the following splendid views.

325 is nearest the camera as the duo run round the 07:35 Euston - Aberystwyth at Shrewsbury.

Cambrian magic as 279 leads 325 away from Welshpool their next stop Newtown where your's truly boarded them having alighted from the 10:10 Aberystwyth - Euston which was powered by a solitary 25282. For some reason 25251 was removed from the 07:44 Shrewsbury-Aberystwyth at Machynlleth that morning thus wreaking total havoc with the day's mileage!!!!!!

279 leads 325 past the camera. 279 survives in preservation and has recently moved to the Great Central Railway in Loughborough after a somewhat nomadic existence starting out at the Llangollen Railway where 25313 is still based.

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