25037 + 25230

25th August 1984.

A nice pairing of two former Scottish Region devices, 037 put in some sterling work along the Cambrian during the Summer timetable of 1984 working on no less than three occasions whilst 230 only put in one appearance on our review day. This was to be the final working of the year for both locos.

Thanks are due to Neil Evans who took the following splendid views.

037 (nearest the camera) and 230 are seen at Wolverhampton awaiting the 07:35 Euston - Aberystwyth.

After arrival at Shrewsbury the locomotives ran round the train, they are seen here before departing for Aberystwyth.

Sound and fury as the locos are put through a full power start from Welshpool. A road now runs along this point the tracks having been slewed to the right of this view. The old station buildings do still survive.

037 leading 230 blast past the camera on their way to Aberystwyth.

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