The End.

A sad day for the Round Shed (above). Class 08 shunter No. 08814 hauls the very last crane out of the shed watched by all who worked there. The crane had been converted from steam operation to diesel hydraulic and had a lifting capacity of 45 tons. The buildings on the left are no more, those on the extreme right (foreman's canteen and fuel pump repair shop are mainly visible) are also gone.

A view standing outside the main doors of the Round Shed (above). The tracks are those along which the last crane went in the above view, the building on whose fire escape I stood to take that view has also gone. The date is 7th February 1998.

Above - Looking from the back of the Roundhouse towards the main doors. 7th February 1998.

Above - A general view of the Roundhouse. The pillar seen front left is where your scribe's work bench was, this particular area was the electrical section. 7th February 1998.

Above - Looking from exactly the opposite side of the building from the above view. The large tea urn (water boiler) occupied the recess in the wall behind the group of three people. 7th February 1998.

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