Standing outside the one time staff office and looking south along the former top yard road on 27th February 2005.

It is saddening to reflect that many railway careers began on what is now a side road. This is where the works training school once stood.

Looking towards the works office block on 27th February 2005 with the back of the roundhouse visible behind. The red entrance still looks as hideous now as it did in the 1980s! The door to the left of this was where one and all from the shop floor had to go with wages and other queries which could not be dealt with by the shop office. Quite a wait was usually the norm!

Here is an almost identical view to the above from 22nd May 1986. The red building was the foreman's mess room. It was on this day the historic roof on the round shed was nearly destroyed by fire. Outside contractors were putting a new covering on it when a gas stove was knocked over. The ensuing blaze soon took hold and one dramatic result was the explosion of a gas cylinder on the roof which shot across the road into the wall of the foreman's mess - fortunately there were no injuries.

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