A view of 'Spike Island' where locomotives were scrapped. The monstrosity taking shape in the background, on the left, is a new staduim for the local soccer concern. On occasions when there is a match there the whole of Derby has ground to a complete halt due to road traffic chaos.

Even the gas holders are a thing of the past in this view from 27th February 2005, they can be seen on the right beside TC Harrisons. The temporary road in the 1998 view has now given way to the permanent roads. Should you ever go and view a new or second hand Ford they may just be recycled from scrapped locomotives!

A view looking back towards 1 shop from near where 25 shop once stood.

And looking towards the location of the above view. This point is virtually in line with the rear of the buildings which occupied the bottom yard. The second lamp post along with the red banner marks the site of the Works Canteen.

From across the road here is how things looked on 27th February 2005.

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