Above, the nose end has now been refitted, a reconditioned Sulzer power unit complete with reconditioned electrical generators has also been installed. The next major job is to 'wheel' the locomotive, lifting the body and lowering it onto reconditioned bogies. After shop and yard proving (testing to make sure all is well) the locomotive moves to the diesel test house (below). Here the traction motor connections are split and connected to the test house. In the roof were huge electrical resistance banks used to vary the load on the generator. The locomotive would be run for at least eight continuous hours, quite a sight on full engine revs and not moving!

Once all was well with the static test the next item on the agenda was a full repaint. Below is 45037 nearly complete in the paint shop, the rear of 43107 is visible.

Further testing was carried out, interestingly to see how watertight things were. This was done under the "Monsoon Hut" where a large water pipe, full of holes ran over the roof of the locomotive which would proceed very slowly underneath - simple but effective! Below is 45040 standing in the hut.

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