The main part of 4 shop (not in physical size) fronted onto the main drive through the "top yard" and was next door to the works training school. It was in here that generator armatures were rewound, quite a complex and labourious task. This view is looking towards the training school. The following day the overhead crane was taken down and moved to 7 shop. This building has also been demolished.

Across the road (and to the left of this view) from where the previous view was taken was bogie shop. Here conversion work has started to accomodate the works surgery, canteen and maintenance department. Bogie shop dealt with the repair of locomotive bogies, these were wheeled in and out of the doors at the far end of this view onto the traverser at the north end of 8 shop.

Here is a view of 18 shop 9 bay after it became disused. 18 shop was the largest shop on the works consisting of 9 bays. Often referred to as boiler shop on account of the days when steam locomotive boilers were being built. The main role since was welding and plating, in particular bogie frames for new build bogies. The rest of 18 shop was to the left whilst behind the wall on the right was wheel shop. Again these buildings have all been demolished.

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