High up in the hills at Jesenik as 749-248 awaits departure with the 16:05 for Brno on 1st February 2004. The loco has six coaches in tow which is the heaviest load allowed on the viciously graded run from here to the summit at Ramzova. It is safe to say that during the climb 248 must have been audible for miles, check the MP3 sounds to hear the last part of the climb!

750-356 stands in a considerable amount of snow at Liberec on 31st January 2004 with the 08:32 Ex Cheb. Known as 'Goggles' these V12 powered devices are silenced beyond all belief (they make the UK Class 66 seem loud!) and don't make any noise at all. It is a little unfortunate that traincrew and punters think they are wonderful!

DMU power cars are a little temperamental at times so the usual solution is to drag their trailers around with a small locomotive such as 743-003 seen here at Turnov with the 15:42 Liberec - Jaromer of 31st January 2004.

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